Jacksonville workshop to provide tips on preventing fraud and identity theft

By Ryne Turke on July 26 at 1:04pm

Morgan County State’s Attorney Bobby Bonjean will be leading a workshop on Tuesday for businesses owners on steps to take for checking for fraud and identification theft.

Bonjean was a guest on WLDS’ “AM Conversation” Wednesday and says there is no sure fire way to completely protect yourself from identity theft, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of safety.

“You know you just have to be really careful because the bad guys out in this world are trying tens of thousands of people and if they get 100 of them they have done their deal and made their living,” says Bonjean.

“You just have to try and stay on top of it and try to limit your exposure and don’t have the multitude of cards and one thing that I’m really bad at is changing passwords.”

While debit and credit cards are used far more than checks these days, Bonjean notes deceptive practice is still an issue.

“We still have a program in our office and my assistant Craig Miller will be giving part of the presentation to the Chamber,” says Bonjean.

“Basically there aren’t as many checks but they are still out there. He will help businesses understand how the state’s attorneys office and the criminal justice system can help them in certain situations.”

Bonjean also took the time to talk about the issue of shoplifting, which he says is still a consistent problem in Morgan County.

“The busiest people are the asset protection people that work in Shopko, Midlands or Walmart,” says Bonjean.

“Whether it be drug related, in which they are stealing items they need for drugs or they are trying to sell for that, or people suffering economically and stealing the necessities for life we are going to process these people for shoplifting.”

The workshop will be run by the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce Business Division. As a benefit of membership, there is no cost to attend the event for Chamber members. The workshop will be held in the Chamber conference room from noon to 1:00 p.m.