January Weather Warm Early, Nasty Late

By Gary Scott on February 12 at 10:48am

Weather was a bear for Jacksonville last month, despite a warm early start.
Because the end of the month turned off so cold and snowy, we tend to forget the early part of Jacksonville was downright balmy.
The stats from the official National Weather Service Cooperative weather station at WLDS-WEAI show the mercury hit 65 on the 7th, and surpassed 50 four straight days.
The problem began with the 12 to 16 inch snowfall, depending where you were in the Jacksonville area. Here, the official measurement was 11 inches, and that snow stayed on the ground through the rest of January.
And, then the mercury drained out of the tube over the past 11 days of the month. Overall, Jacksonville averaged 17 degrees at night in January, which is fairly typical.
But, the reading averaged below 7 degrees over the final 12 nights of January.
The stretch included a couple of nights and a day of below zero readings, the first time that happened in Jacksonville since January of 2014.
Typical highs last month reached close to 35 degrees. And, the precipitation total for the month was 2 and 2 thirds inches, about an inch above normal.