Jax Kiwanis selling brats to fund new Community Park big toy

By Ryne Turke on July 30 at 1:06pm

Where you eat your lunch or dinner today could go a long ways in aiding a park in Jacksonville.

Members of the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club will be cooking and selling brats outside County Market on the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill, with the goal of gaining funds towards a new ‘big toy’ in Community Park.

Paul Reither, who will take over as president of the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club this fall spoke, on WLDS’ “AM Conversation” this morning about the location of the new ‘big toy’ and why it’s so desperately needed.

“The big toy has been around for a while and it is reaching the end of it’s economic life,” says Reither.

“We decided that we need to set up a new playground for the kids. It is going to be in Community Park as well, southwest of the current location near the Sophie Leschin building.”

Instillation of the ‘big toy’ is scheduled to begin on August 22 and Reither notes that it’s an expensive process.

“The total project is going to run about $55,000 and in our various other fundraising activities, Kiwanis has accumulated around $40,000,” says Reither.

“We hope this Johnsonville brat activity for today is going to spur us towards our $55,000 goal.”

This is the third year the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill has teamed up with the Jacksonville Kiwanis to generate funds for the community.

A $5 brat/soda/chips combo will is being offered to customers, with the option of adding a brat for $3 more.

Reither says to make the process easier for customers a drive-thru option has been added this year.

“If you are unable to get out in the nice weather you can drive-thru,” says Reither.

“It will have signs indicating where you should drive and someone will run to your vehicle, take your order and bring you your food.”

Traffic is expected to be busiest at the noon and evening hours, with the fundraiser ending at 6:00 p.m.