Jax Post Office head says mail delivery problematic last week

By Jim McCabe on February 14 at 1:06pm

The acting postmaster at the Jacksonville Post Office says not everyone received mail when they were supposed to get it last week.

Robin Burtle, who was named to the position several weeks ago, says the combination of large snow and extreme cold created an issue for some carriers. She says the post office is back to full delivery this week.

“With the weather issues that we have had and some of the staffing issues we have had here, it’s been really hard for the carriers to get to areas,” she says. “If we did not get to an area on any given day, we took that mail back out the very next morning- early, with overtime carriers- to get that delivered.”

Despite the national trend of layoffs at post offices, Burtle says Jacksonville’s is hiring.

“I have a couple of carrier assistants that are being transferred in from other areas, from other offices, they have requested the transfer in. And I am in the process of hiring some new RCAs, which are rural carrier assistants,” says Burtle.

Burtle replaces Edward Johnson, who was the Jacksonville Post Office postmaster for over a decade. She previously was a supervisor at the Springfield Post Office. Burtle says it could take a month to select a permanent replacement.