Jax Summer Weather

By Gary Scott on September 11, 2019 at 12:30pm

The summer was very bearable, but wet in Jacksonville this year, at least early on.
Jacksonville summers are defined as the months of June, July and August, normally the hottest three months of the year.
Hot wasn’t an accurate description of this summer. The mercury never reached 100 this year. It topped out at 95 on July 10th.
In fact, it hit 90 or better on only 16 of the 92 days. July was the hottest with 13 of the 16 days.
Nightly lows averaged 61 in both June and August this summer. And, the average reading for the three month period overall was just a touch under 74 degrees, which is not far from the norm.
It was wet in June, at just under 6 inches and normal for August with 3 and a half inches. But, it was dry in July with an inch and 7 tenths. Total rainfall for the three month period was 11 and a quarter inches, which is about right on target with the long term average. Thirty five of the 92 days had some type of precipitation recorded.
Stormy weather stayed away. There were no tornados in town, and little storm damage reported.
WLDS-WEAI is an official observer of weather for the National Weather Service.