Jax woman’s suit asks for millions in damages in odd litigation

By Jim McCabe on March 28 at 1:10pm

A bizarre lawsuit in Morgan County Court includes a request of over $200-million in compensation, lists children as property and plagiarizes the Lord’s Prayer.

A woman named Shonte’ Moeller, who lists her address as 800 Illinois Avenue in Jacksonville, refers to herself as “a woman prosecutor” and filed litigation on Tuesday against multiple defendants.

They include the Department of Children and Family Services, Lutheran Family Services, the Morgan County State’s Attorney’s Office, several judges and other officials on a claim of “trespass” and “theft of property.”

The lawsuit states that the defendants “did trespass upon my property” and proceeds to list six exhibits, which apparently are pictures of children posing normally for a picture.

The suit states “the trespass did and does harm and injury to my property”, and that “the wrong and harm began on November 30th” of 2012 and continues to present day.

Moeller is seeking compensation “per every second” of the alleged wrongdoing and is seeking exactly $268,056,000 in damages.

The suit ends borrowing language from The Our Father, stating “[sic] I, will forgive those who trespass upon my property as I would wish those to forgive me my trespass upon their property if my property is returned.”