Jennings narrowly wins race for South Jacksonville Village President

By Blake Schnitker on April 5 at 7:58am

The unofficial totals are in and it appears that Harry Jennings will be the new Village President of South Jacksonville.

Jennings narrowly defeated Dani Galscock by a mere 12 votes, 332 to 320. WLDS/WEAI News got the chance to talk to Jennings last night after he received the news that he’d been elected.

Jennings talked about his campaign and the race between he and Dani Glascock.

“It was a long campaign process. My opponent and I, I think we both put on a clean, fair race. Other than that, it’s come to an end tonight, and we had a very tight race,” says Jennings.

Jennings says that he is excited to work with the newly elected trustees.

“We’ve all been sitting and talking about ideas for the future, different thoughts we have, things we’d like to see the Village do in the both near and distant future. We’ve all got our own ideas and things we’d like to do moving on and moving forward for progress,” says Jennings.

Jennings also told us what plans he has going forward for the village:

“The absolutely first thing on my agenda is to codify the ordinances. After that would be to focus on economic activity and look into more things we can do with our tourism fund. We have the Concert in the Cornfield. Instead of just a one-day activity, maybe bring in more weekend activities during the summer,” Jennings explains.

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