JHS-ESL Game Replayed on WEAI

By Gary Scott on March 18, 2020 at 11:04am

WLDS-WEAI management has announced plans to replay an iconic JHS basketball game from 1987.

     The game was between Jacksonville High School and East St Louis Lincoln from a shootout at the JHS Bowl from 1987. It will be played back Friday, March 27th at 6 PM on WEAI.

     Jacksonville’s Andy Kaufmann scored 49 in the game, won by JHS. The call of the game was done by the late Jerry Symons and Don Hamilton.

     WLDS-WEAI general manager Gary Scott says the game will be played on the same night the station had planned to hold the 42nd Annual West Central Illinois Boys All Star game.

     The game was postponed because of the Corona-Virus scare. There are plans to still hold the game at a later date, if the schedule allows.

     The re-play of the JHS-East St Louis game will start at 6 PM on WEAI, and runs about an hour and a half.