JHS student arrested after reportedly making threats

By Jim McCabe on October 26 at 6:17am

A Jacksonville High School student was arrested yesterday after allegedly making threatening statements to students and faculty.

According to Jacksonville Police Sergeant Adam Mefford, the 16-year-old boy was in a meeting with school staff and was unhappy with the outcome of the meeting. He apparently made a statement as he was leaving the meeting about causing a shooting.

The student then reportedly returned to his classroom; school officials followed him and asked to speak with him; the boy apparently walked out of the school on his own after that.

Jacksonville Police arrested the student for disorderly conduct. He was also charged with resisting a peace officer after he reportedly failed to cooperate during arrest.

Mefford says the threat appears to have been idle and that the student didn’t have access to any such weapons. The student apparently denied making any statement while being questioned by police.

Mefford says the student has been suspended from school and that District 117 will deal with the incident per procedure.