Johnsonville grill tour stopping in Jax

By Jim McCabe on July 29 at 12:33pm

The semi-annual appearance of the world’s largest touring grill is set for tomorrow.

The Johnsonville Big Taste Grill, a customized semi-tractor and trailer, will park at County Market Wednesday to support the Kiwanis of Jacksonville. Kiwanis volunteers will work the 65-foot long, 750 brat capacity grill to raise money for a ‘big toy’ Kiwanis plans to erect in Community Park.

The fundraiser, which is sponsored by Johnsonville Sausage, County Market, and Kiwanis of Jacksonville, will feature the same Johnsonville Big Taste Grill that is a mainstay at state fairs, NASCAR races, and other food shows.

Glossop, the manager of County Market, claims that the fundraiser raises about $8,000 per year, with a total of $100-thousand over the life of the project.

Brats will be sold in a $5 brat/soda/chips combo from 11:00 a-m to 6:00 p-m, with the option of adding a brat for $3 more.