June brings heavy rainfall totals

By Ryne Turke on July 2 at 12:51pm

The month of June went down as one of the wettest in Jacksonville.

We measured 10.16 inches of rain here at the WLDS-WEAI recording station for the month.

That number comes close to the current records for precipitation in June of 13.74 inches in 2011 and 11.67 in 1998.

The biggest days for precipitation were June 4th, when we got 1.75 inches, the 8th when we got 1.07, and the 11th, when we received 4.35 inches.

The average precipitation total for the month of June in Jacksonville is just 4.26 inches. Temperature-wise, we had some hot days but stayed below the record, with an average temperature of 73.14. The average temperature in the month of June is 71.1 degrees.

We had a cool day on the 14th with a high of only 72 degrees, and had two days where the high reached 90. Here’s hoping for a month of July that’s not a scorcher and brings a little less rain.