June unemployment numbers look good in four-county area

By Jim McCabe on July 31 at 7:17am

The latest report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security indicates over-the-year unemployment fell in Morgan, Cass, Scott and Greene Counties.

In Morgan, it fell from 8.9 to 6.9 percent. In Greene, it dropped from 9.2 percent to seven. Cass County’s rate fell from 8.6 to seven percent, while in Scott, it dropped from nearly ten percent to 6.8 percent.

Ron Payne is a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

“Did run some numbers on the four–county area, combined around the Jacksonville area, and it dropped from 9.0 [percent] last year in June down to 7.0 [percent] this year in June,” Payne says. “So, a nice drop. Compared to the state rate, we’re slightly below the state rate of 7.1 percent. So, yeah, things are looking better for sure in the Jacksonville area.”

Payne says over the year, there was a net total of about 90 jobs lost. Educational and health services jobs were up 150, while “other” services was up 50. Professional and business service jobs were up 50.

On the negative side, the leisure and hospitality sector was down 125; the government sector was down 95, and the retail trade sector was down 90.

Payne says things are stable for the most part in the state.

“All 102 counties in the state of Illinois in June were down, the unemployment rates were down, compared to last year. Looking forward to next month; typically we don’t see a lot of movement in the labor market from June to July, simply because a lot of the education-related jobs are out for the summer and a lot of the summer jobs have started, the students are coming back, entering the labor force, they already are in the labor force and hopefully employed,” says Payne.

“So, we should see a similar report for July, I hope.”

Nationally, the unemployment rate for the month of June was 6.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.