Justice Cavanagh secures enough votes for November ballot

By David Coy on March 22 at 4:17pm

We are two days removed from the primary election and an area judge is happy to move forward with his campaign.

Justice Pete Cavanagh is temporarily serving the 4th District Appellate Court. He was assigned shortly after Judge John Schmidt passed away.

In order to stay in this position, Cavanagh had to secure 1,070 write in votes to be on this November’s general election ballot.

Cavanagh explains what the process was like visiting all the different counties.

“It was for sure an education campaign because write ins are a rarity with elections. What I had to do, what I was happy to do, was travel to the majority of the 30 counties, as many as I could get to, I would introduce myself, to explain the position and explain the write in procedures.” Cavanagh said. 

In Sangamon County, Judge Cavanagh received more than 5,400 votes. In Morgan County, he received 812 votes. Justice Cavanagh says he’s humbled by the support.

“Jacksonville, Morgan County was extremely strong for me. I practiced a little bit back in the day and presided over some cases there. I received tremendous support from Morgan County attornies, friends, folks I know from the court house. To receive 800 votes there was very satisfying. In Sangamon County, 5,423 is the unofficial count at this point. Glad I had it, worked really hard to get to this point and get the word out.” said Cavanagh.

The primary is over and Cavanagh is looking ahead to the general election. He’s currently running unopposed. He says balancing between his current job and his campaign isn’t an issue.

“The work always comes first, campaigning is something I have to do on my free time. It was a slog while campaign during the primary but having no current opposition really allows me to focus totally, work hours and my free time on my job. It’s a nice advantage I have at this point.” Cavanagh said.

If Justice Cavanagh wins the general election, he will hold the 10 year position with the Appellate Court.