Lake Jacksonville Lottery for New Camping Spots

By Blake Schnitker on April 19 at 9:55am

There’s going to be a lottery of a different kind next month, instead of winning cash, winners will get a new lot at Lake Jacksonville.

Two weeks from Saturday, lot owners at Lake Jacksonville can enter in the lottery for a new lot.

Brett Gilbreth with Jacksonville Parks and Lakes Department explains the lottery in more detail.

All it is, is for existing campers, people who have already camped here for a year or more and what that does is for example if someone on one of out points leaves, and that lot becomes vacant we open it up to the existing campers and they have an opportunity to move to that spot. How we do it is, if there’s four or five people interested in that lot, they go into a drawing. They fill out a form with what lot they’re moving from and what lot they’re interested in, and it goes into a tumbler and whoever gets picked gets that lot.

Gilbreth also explains how people who don’t already own a lot can get one through the lottery.

Then, at the end of the day, whatever kits that people have left to go to the new lots that are open. Those lots will be marked  and then on Monday the 8th we will start marking those and then I will call up to city hall and they give me the name of the people in the order they had applied to be on the waiting list and they get first dibs on any of the lots that are open, and we go through there until there are no lots left.

Gilbreth says there are several improvements being made to Lake Jacksonville as well.

It’s gone really well as far as our camping side. We’ve got a couple of projects, outside of just camping that we’ve started. We actually put in a hiking trail that will be completed hopefully mid to late summer this year located on the Southeast  side of the lake. And we have three areas that have been re-done. We’re in the process of cleaning up some brush, and making it more accessible to the public. Whether it be for fishing or picnics are anything like that. Those should be done by mid summer as well.

For more information about the lottery or the changes and improvements to the lake, you can call Brett Gilbreth at 217-408-8771.