Local teen hospitalized after being dragged by vehicle

By Blake Schnitker on August 9 at 6:12am

A local teenager was hospitalized after being dragged by a vehicle Wednesday afternoon on the city’s north side.

According to reports from Jacksonville Police, the victim is described as a 13-year old male juvenile, who was allegedly dragged by a vehicle near the corner of North Clay and Farrell at around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Reports claim that the 13-year old boy was initially stopped by a car right around 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, with one of the occupants of said car being known to him. Police say that while the 13-year old boy was talking to the occupants inside the vehicle, one of the occupants grabbed onto his backpack. It’s reported that the boy then reached for his backpack before being dragged for a short distance and eventually falling from the vehicle.

Police say the 13-year old boy was transported by local emergency service agencies to Passavant Area Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The incident currently remains under investigation at this time.