Macon County arrest leads to Sangamon County search warrant

By Anthony Engle on February 8 at 11:53am

A man was behind bars for possession of child pornography in Macon County, when a search warrant was conducted in a western Sangamon County residence which he owns.

Several news outlets are reporting that the New Berlin home of 57 year old Scott A. Gentry was investigated recently by the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and the New Berlin Police Department.

A search warrant was conducted at the residence in the 40 block of Bourbaki Avenue.

It was reported by WAND-TV in Decatur that Scott Gentry is charged with possession of child pornography. An apparent incident on Thursday, January 24th has since led to sworn statements.

A co-worker at Gerber State Bank in Argenta is said to have seen a picture on his phone of what appeared to be a naked young girl. Police say that child was between 2 and 4 years old. Gentry reportedly told them there were “a lot” of pictures of minors on his phone. According to investigators, over 3,000 photos and videos of children as young as 3 years old and as old as teenagers involved in sexual acts were found stored on his device.

The sworn statements from the co-worker also say that Gentry had the picture open on the phone, then quickly closed and hid the device when he became aware of the co-worker.

Gentry was arrested on Jan. 24th and is in Macon County custody on $100,000 bond.