Mac’s Strangeman selected to assist with AP tests again

By Ryne Turke on June 7 at 11:04am

A MacMurray College assistant professor is one of about 12,000 teachers and instructors to be selected to assess the Advanced Placement History tests next week.

This marks the second time Christopher Strangeman has been chosen to assist with the AP tests, which will be graded from June 12th through June 18th at the Salt Lake City center.

Strangeman will have the opportunity to network with other teachers across the country and swap achievement, assessment and teaching strategies.

Administered by the College Board, the AP program and Educational Testing Service offer 34 courses in a wide variety of subject areas.

Each year, several million students around the globe take approximately four million AP exams.

Students who get a high enough score on the AP test get credit for the world history survey course at the colleges and universities that accept the test.