McCann opposes re-appointment of Godinez

By Jim McCabe on March 21 at 1:31pm

Jacksonville’s state senator was one of the Republican legislators who opposed the governor’s appointment of Salvador Godinez to the Director of the Department of Corrections yesterday.

Godinez was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 37 to 18. State Senator Sam McCann was one of six legislators, most from downstate Illinois, to speak against the Senate confirmation of Pat Quinn’s nominee.

McCann explained that he was speaking on behalf of correctional employees when urging his fellow lawmakers to vote against the confirmation.

“Whether it’s hiring a congressman’s son who has no experience in corrections whatsoever, whether it’s overcrowding, whether it’s overtime that never gets corrected, whether it’s walking past the warden’s office, walking past the correctional officers themselves, not paying them any respect and immediately going to the gang leader’s cell to have meetings with the gang leaders- and we could go on and on and on, and I won’t- this is wrong,” McCann said.

“Director Godinez, I know, has had 40 years of his life committed to public service, and I respect his good intentions. But his results are simply not good enough.”

McCann also cited Godinez’s decision to employ a DOC senior policy advisor who had 24 arrests, including arson and aggravated assault.

Democratic senators came to Godinez’s defense and dismissed Republican claims as pure politics.