More people leaving Illinois than coming in could be due to property taxes

By Jim McCabe on January 9 at 1:02pm

Jacksonville’s state representative is concerned about data that indicates more people are leaving Illinois than are coming here.

C.D. Davidsmeyer is citing a recent report by the moving company Allied Van Lines that points out an apparent correlation between Illinois’ property tax rate and the state’s outbound resident.

The study found that Illinois had the second highest rate of residents relocating to other states. That goes along with recent reports that Illinois has the second-highest property tax rate. New Jersey, which has the nation’s highest property tax rate, was in the top five of relocating states.

“Since taking office over a year ago, I’ve been talking about the horrible problem that we’ve had with a decrease in population in the state of Illinois, and obviously this is getting worse. While we’ve got 0.1 percent growth in the state of Illinois, the country as a whole has about a two percent growth, which means we as a state are not keeping up with population growth around the nation,” Davidsmeyer says.

“It’s kind of troubling knowing the problems we have and knowing there’s going to be less people to help us get out of [them].”

The report, released last week, indicates Texas is the state attracting the most movers. The other three states in the top five “biggest movers” are Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York.