More than 1,000 appeal property assessments

By Nick Kovatch on February 7 at 1:38pm

More than 1,000 residents in the southeast part of Morgan County appealed their property assessments last week.

Morgan County Supervisor of Assessments Allen Vogt says he expected 700 to 800 appeals.

“Because we reassessed the largest quadrant in the county this year which is the southeast quadrant,” says Vogt. “It includes Waverly, Franklin, Nortonville, all of South Jacksonville and south-central Jacksonville. This was the largest quadrant in the county so it would go to show we would probably have more appeals. This is the first time that a physical review has been done on these property, for the most part, in 10 years.”

Illinois law requires each of the four quadrants of the county to be assessed every four years.

Vogt says most property assessment values increased.

“They’re adjusted based on whether they’ve been adjusted from previous years,” says Vogt. “Some were still carrying adjustments from back in the 1990’s that had never been corrected up until we caught them at this point and time. We’re also trying to be equitable taking the information that we get and applying it to the same cost manual using the same criteria.”

The county Board of Review is in the process of reviewing each appeal.

Property owners can appeal their assessment every year. They have 30 days after the date of assessment publication in the newspaper in late December to file an appeal.

Properties, except farmland and farm buildings, are assessed at 33.33 percent of market value.

Assessments are given to the county clerk, who calculates the tax rate by comparing the assessments to the budgets submitted by taxing districts. The county clerk then gives the calculated tax rates to the county treasurer, who applies the tax rates to each property in the county, less exemptions, to determine a property owner’s tax bill.