Morgan County Animal Control investigating potential case of animal abuse, neglect

By Benjamin Cox on June 7 at 10:35am

More than two dozen dogs have been found in terrible conditions in Morgan County.

First reported by our news affiliate WICS News Channel 20, Morgan County Animal Control is investigating a case of possible animal cruelty. Animal control and local agents of the Protect Animal Welfare Society received a tip that dozens of dogs were being abused at a puppy mill. Authorities apparently discovered a total of 28 dogs.

Their coats were matted, teeth were rotten and they were malnourished.

Lisa Jackson, the owner of the Protecting Animal Welfare Society no-kill shelter in Jacksonville, said at least half of them had to be shaved down to being naked with very matted hair. Several of them are very, very underweight.

The shelter was called in to assist and ended up adopting every dog available.

They cleaned them, cut their coats and fed them.

An investigation is underway. Animal control said there are multiple factors that come into play in this type of investigation. They look into the extent of neglect, the severity of living conditions and the health of each animal.

Authorities said the owner could face criminal charges for neglect and animal cruelty.