Morgan County Animal Shelter officially opens

By Blake Schnitker on January 11 at 2:37pm

Morgan County officially has a new animal control shelter following a ribbon-cutting event at the new facility this morning.

Several members of the public, including members of the Morgan County Board of Commissioners and Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard were on-hand today for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Morgan County animal shelter. After two years of work, the animal shelter officially opens today thanks to the work of a number of local committees and government officials.

Morgan County Commissioner Ginny Fanning played a large role in developing the new animal shelter. She says there are plenty of people that made today’s ceremony possible.

“We have been working on this for over two years, but we have done out due diligence, we had an excellent committee of community folks that participated, we toured other animal shelters and worked really hard on the plan. We had excellent direction from Jim Burke at Hutchison Engineering, he was a very valuable part in this, overseeing the actual construction, making sure everything was done correctly. And the person we thank the most is Phillip Howard, who left this bequeathed to the county, if it were not for that, this shelter would have never come to fruition,” says Fanning.

Fanning explains how the new animal shelter will operate moving forward.

“It’s a shelter for dogs and cats, its an office for our animal control staff for when they get calls to go to various homes for an animal they need to have removed. So this is an office, as well as a place to house animals that are up for adoption,” says Fanning.

Fanning discusses the two-year process that eventually led to the opening of the new animal shelter.

“Well I will say we dreamed very big at the start and realized that we’re going to have to reign it in quite a bit. But I think this is a very efficient layout, we took the best we could find from other places, and overall, I think we’re very pleased for the outcome,” Fanning says.

The new Morgan County Animal Shelter is located at 206 West Oaks Street north of Walnut. According to Fanning, there will be an open house event scheduled in the future, likely in April or May.