Morgan County Clerk Jill Waggener reminds local residents of key dates as filing period winds down

By Blake Schnitker on December 1 at 12:58pm

There are just a handful of days left for potential Morgan County candidates to file for the 2018 general primary election.

Monday marked the beginning of the filing period in Morgan County and will run until next Monday, December 4th at 5 p.m. So far in Morgan County, five people, all Republicans, have filed the necessary paperwork to appear on the March ballot. They include Jill Waggener for County Clerk and Recorder, Jenny Geirnaeirt for County Treasurer, Ginny Fanning for County Commissioner, and the two candidates for Morgan County Sheriff, Chris Johnson and Mike Carmody.

For folks still wanting to file, Clerk Waggener explains all of the required steps they’ll need to take by Monday.

“There’s several forms they have to fill out which they can get either at my office or off the state board of elections website. There are petitions that you need signatures from residents who live in Morgan County. Each office has a certain number of signatures that are required for your name to appear on a ballot,” explains Waggener.

Waggener says that primary elections, like the one in March, typically see less voter participation.

“Unfortunately, primaries are always a little slower because people do not like to declare parties to pull a ballot. In the primaries, you always have to declare you’re either a Democrat or a Republican to get that ballot. So the turnout usually is not as great as I wish it would be,” Waggener says.

As for what will take place between the end of the filing period this coming Monday and the primary election on March 20th, Waggener says that the candidates are busy campaigning, and her office will stay busy preparing things such as vote-by-mail, early voting, grace period voting, military ballots and other voting options.

Waggener reminds residents of a few other important dates to remember. Those include: January 18th, the deadline for write-ins; grace period will begin February 21st, and early voting in Morgan County will start on March 5th.