Morgan County Fair-Cass Morgan Farm Bureau Offering Help for Nebraska farmers

By Gary Scott on April 16 at 9:55am

A group of farmers in the area is offering help to their colleagues to the west who have been battling flooding and winter weather.
The Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau is coordinating the efforts.
Gary Hadden says Nebraska farmers need the help. He says they have lost equipment, tools, fencing supplies and anything else you could imagine.
Hadden says they are taking new and used supplies, equipment and tools. The biggest need now is fencing supplies.
Hadden says area residents should drop off any supplies to the Cass Morgan Farm Bureau office on Tendick. People can visit the Morgan County Fari facebook page to find out what’s needed.
Hadden says cash donations are also being accepted. As an incentive, Hadden says the Fair board will hold a drawing to give away tickets to a couple of concerts at this year’s Morgan County fair.