Morgan County property taxes are due tomorrow

By Ryne Turke on July 2 at 12:54pm

Here’s a friendly reminder to Morgan County residents who haven’t paid their real estate taxes: the deadline is tomorrow.

Morgan County residents have multiple ways to pay their real estate taxes or mobile home taxes due Sunday.

Morgan County Treasurer Gayla Hornbeek highlights three options.

“At the courthouse you need to bring your bill with you when you pay. You can also pay at most local banks and you must have your tax bill to pay at the bank. The third way is you can mail your payment to us. We do accept a postmarked date, but we always suggest that people take their payment into the post office to make sure the postmarked date is Thursday.”

Morgan County residents over 55 years old will qualify for the Illinois Senior Citizen Tax Deferral Program, which allows users to defer their taxes in exchange for a lien on their property.

Under this program, the state would pay the real estate taxes for the user, who would then pay the state back, plus interest, when their property is sold. Residents must also have registered by March 1st to qualify.

Hornbeek also explains the late penalties on taxes.

“Late payment penalties start Monday. They are one and a half percent per month or any part of a month, which means that if you are one day late it’s the same as being 30 days late.”

If you are late on your taxes, you can only pay by mail or at the Treasurer’s office. The treasurer only mails one bill for real estate taxes, which means you will not receive a second bill for your second tax installment, which is due on September 5th.