Mother Nature sparing Central Illinois from tornadoes this year

By Richard Holton on July 31 at 12:13pm

State Climatologist Jim Angel says we’ve only had 23 twisters this year, compared to the normal 40 that we usually see by now.

He says, “We had about half of our number, about 14, occurred in February. And then our prime season, March, April, May, and June were actually very quiet, we only had about 7 in that period.”

Angel says that the lack of tornadoes thus far doesn’t mean that we are in the clear just yet.

“So, its been a very quiet year so far, i think that the cool wet weather has been a lid on the more severe activity out there. But a lot of times with these things all it takes is one day with the right conditions and you could get another outburst,” says Angel.

Angel says there’s a neat new online tool that allows weather enthusiasts to track tornadoes dating as far back as the 1950’s. It’s available on the Midwestern Regional Climate Center’s website at