Multi-church volunteer effort coming up Saturday

By Jim McCabe on October 3 at 2:14pm

It has a new name, but the same thoughtful people will be involved in a volunteer event on Saturday.

The former Faith in Action day, a coordinated effort between Central Christian, Grace United Methodist and Life Churches, as well as Global Outreach Center, is now known as the Heart for the City event. It takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There are six total projects for those who have signed up. Life Church Pastor Tom Herbert says various volunteers from each church will report directly to their project, including the Jacksonville City Park Project.

“We’ve done the park project every year working with the park management office, and they just basically identity a park for us to go to and ask us to do various things,” says Herbert. “So, that’s really enjoyable.”

Reverend Rex Kibler from Central Christian Church says the contribution from individuals varies from event to event.

“At Minnie Barr Park, we will be having the carnival and a basketball clinic and an outreach. We’ll be doing coat, mittens, gloves, [and] hoodies giveaways. They’ll be grilling hot dogs,” says Kibler. “It and other events benefit from the materials that are brought by church members.”

Pat Pennell from Grace United Methodist Church is helping coordinate a mobile food pantry effort. That will be at the EMI building.

“For the people in the community, if they’re lacking in anything, let’s hope that we can supply some of those needs,” says Pennell. “People can line up and bring their boxes, their clothes, baskets, whatever to carry food home. That’s what we’re giving out- food and personal dignity kits.”

Other projects include the No Sew Blanket, where volunteers will meet at one of the churches and construct fleece blankets to be distributed to local hospitals. Volunteers will also show up to various houses and help with fall cleanup projects, including raking leaves and clearing gutters.

New this year is the Prayer Walking event, where churchgoers will walk through designated areas of Jacksonville praying for houses and businesses.

You don’t have to be a member of one of the four churches to participate.

Listen to the full interview with the above individuals here.