Natural gas pipeline for St. Louis region will sit mainly in Illinois

By Anthony Engle on January 9 at 4:30am

Construction of a natural gas pipeline that will partially run through Jersey, Greene, and Scott Counties will begin soon.

The pipeline, nicknamed the ‘Spire STL Pipeline’, is a product of Spire, Incorporated, a public utility holding company operating in Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri. Despite the 65-mile pipeline being built mainly in Illinois, the natural gas in the pipeline will only serve the St. Louis area. Spire’s website specifically says, “The Spire STL Pipeline will bring affordable and abundant natural gas to the St. Louis region from the largest producing basin in America.”

The pipeline will run 65 miles through Scott, Greene and Jersey Counties as well as St. Charles and St. Louis counties in Missouri. At least 40 miles of the pipeline will sit in Illinois.

Construction of the open-access natural gas pipeline is being overseen by Michels Corporation Construction, whose headquarters are in Brownsville, Wisconsin. According to a preliminary timeline on the Spire STL website, construction was scheduled to begin later this month, with the pipeline to be assembled by July 2019, and ifully operational by August 2019.

For more information, visit the Spire STL Pipeline website.