New Berlin residents talk about the origins of their mascot

By Ryne Turke on August 28 at 12:45pm

As high school football inches closer to the start of week one, questions regarding the history of a West Central Illinois school’s mascot have been raised.

Our reporting partners at WICS ABC Newschannel 20 traveled to New Berlin to uncover how the name of the school’s beloved mascot, the Pretzel, began.

New Berlin Principal Hatti Doyle believes students and staff have embraced the mascot of “Pretzel Nation”.

“It encompasses a spirit of unity and community and the students take ownership of that pretzel and they love it,” says Doyle.

Doyle says there are numerous theories on where the New Berlin mascot originated.

“I have heard there was a pretzel factory here and that is not true,” says Doyle.

“There have been many other rumors that go along with the mascot.”

Other New Berlin residents believe the legend of the Pretzel came from a basketball game in the early 1900’s, when players were running a certain formation and a reporter noted they were “running around like pretzels”.

Yet another theory is that New Berlin players were tossing pretzels at each other a game and a reporter later dubbed them “The Pretzel Throwers”.

Regardless of the origin of the mascot’s name, Chase Creviston, a New Berlin student by day and pretzel mascot by night, says the Pretzel is here to stay.

“It’s a very unique mascot, nobody else gets to be it and we cherish that,” says Creviston.

“The pretzel loves to dance. It is hard to look over at the pretzel and not see it dancing, doing it’s pretzel moves and shaking it’s salt. There is nothing better than looking at that pretzel dance and it really gets the crowd going.”

The Pretzels will open up their high school football season on the road tomorrow against North Mac at 7 p.m.

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