October weather in Jacksonville was about average

By Nick Kovatch on November 2 at 12:43pm

The weather in Jacksonville last month was par for the course.

The average temperature at the WLDS-WEAI Reporting Station during October was 55 degrees. That’s just below the normal of 55.7 degrees. The month started out hot with near-record highs of 88 recorded on the 4th and the 5th. The coldest temperature of the month occurred on the 26th with a near-record low of 23 degrees.

There was nearly two-and-two-thirds inches of precipitation recorded at the WLDS-WEAI Reporting Station last month – and, thankfully, it all fell as rain. Normally, Jacksonville gets about three inches of precipitation in October.

Get those snow boots ready. Typically, Jacksonville gets its first measurable snowfall during the month of November.