Passavant honors organ, eye and tissue donors

By Nick Kovatch on January 1 at 7:53am

Passavant Area Hospital is dedicating a rose that will join thousands of others in the Dedication Garden on the Donate Life Tournament of Roses Parade Float.

Each rose is dedicated by a person or organization and placed in a vial that carries a unique, personal message of love, hope and remembrance.

This year, hospital executives from across the country have been asked to dedicate roses and submit personal messages on behalf of their facilities in a campaign orchestrated by the Donate Life Tournament of Roses Parade Committee, American Hospital Association, Association of Organ Procurement Organizations and Eye Bank Association of America.

Passavant President and CEO Chester Wynn wrote the following rose dedication message on behalf on his hospital: “I would like to express our deepest gratitude to our donors and their families. We honor and remember you for your generosity and compassion for others.”

Since January, Passavant staff members have worked with Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network, to recover corneas from seven selfless donors, offering the gift of sight to 10 people.