Passavant, Prompt Care named in wrongful death suit

By Jim McCabe on April 24 at 8:12am

Passavant Area Hospital and a former emergency room doctor are being sued by a South Jacksonville woman.

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier reports Rose Drake filed a suit on behalf of her husband, Bruce Drake, who died October 2012 at Passavant shortly after he entered the hospital’s emergency room complaining of shortness of breath, according to the lawsuit filed in Sangamon Circuit Court.

Rose Drake claims that Dr. Mark Savage and Passavant, through its employees, were negligent in the care and treatment of Bruce Drake, failing to order or administer proper medications and failing to arrange for an air transfer to a different hospital that could better accommodate Drake’s needs.

Rose Drake claims Savage, who now practices medicine in New Berlin, and Passavant should have known that Bruce Drake was suffering pulmonary embolism as indicated by a blood test done in Passavant’s emergency room.

Bruce Drake died after an ER nurse turned off his respirator and he suffered a heart attack, according to the litigation. The action contests the nurse said Drake was “hyperventilating” and getting “too much” oxygen.

Springfield Clinic’s Prompt Care Jacksonville location is also named in the suit, which states about two weeks before the ER trip, Drake visited Prompt Care and was diagnosed with sinusitis. A second visit with a painful cough and shortness of breath led to a pneumonia diagnosis, according to the suit.

The Drakes owned BBC Insurance Agency in South Jacksonville.

The lawsuit only represents one side of the case. Drake is seeking in excess of $50,000.