Preliminary budget now on file for Morgan County

By Jim McCabe on August 11 at 1:08pm

Commissioner Brad Zeller stated at this morning’s meeting that no requests that were made by the various elected officials and administrators were changed. Zeller says the budget requests are typically left status quo in the preliminary budget.

Zeller says the $8.5 million budget carries a deficit of $80,000.

“We might go in and tweek several line items. There won’t be much change in it. In the past, the County Board has made the decision. We believe that anything under 5% was a number that we used to be a guideline to stay under a 5% deficit. So it falls within those ranges.” Said Zeller.

Zeller says all employees will receive a 2.1 percent pay increase based on the Consumer Price Index.

“That’s the numbers we’ve been using for all collective bargaining units, and we hope to continue to use that number because we feel that it’s a good reflection of what is happening throughout the United States. We did put a minimum on that of 1.7% and a maximum of 3%. In the first year of our contracts it went to 3.25% and then it went to 3.5%. So if the Consumer Price Index would rise above its current rate, the County Board is willing to go higher on that according to the union contracts and we will match that with the non-union people.” Stated Zeller.

Zeller says the preliminary budget is based on eleven months of the twelve-month cycle, and that commissioners will review a new revenue report before the final budget is processed on August 15th.

Also at this morning’s meeting, commissioners passed an intergovernmental agreement concerning the Regional Superintendent’s Office.

The Morgan-Scott-Brown-Cass office is merging with the Adams-Pike office. As a result, all six counties are obliged to sign an intergovernmental agreement as part of the merger that will create a different funding percentage.

New commissioner Ginny Fanning attended this morning’s meeting but was not an active participant. Fanning will be sworn in Wednesday morning at 9:00.