Principals at Eisenhower & JMS switching positions next semester

By Blake Schnitker on December 22 at 10:16am

Two local principals will be switching positions starting next semester.

Eisenhower Elementary principal Gary Barlow is swapping places with Jacksonville Middle School principal Beth Brockschmidt in January.

Superintendent Steve Ptacek explains why that decision was made by the district.

“It’s going to be a good switch for the district that both of their individual talents would be best served with the switch. Beth (Brockschmidt) has a tremendous skill set to use at Eisenhower, and Mr. Barlow’s skill set is very well-suited for the middle school, especially with the expansion of the six grade students moving to the middle school next year,” says Ptacek.

While the date for the switch was originally scheduled to take place next fall, Ptacek says Barlow and Brockschmidt approached him about making the change sooner.

“We met with both Mr. Barlow and Ms. Brockschmidt last year to talk about the move. They both were on board with the move and I think they look at it as an exciting new chapter in their professional careers. And the decision was whether to make it for this current year or next year, and they were both involved that decision-making process to have it be for next year. Then once the news got out, I think both of them got into a situation where they felt like they were in that limbo of looking to their next job while being at a current job, and they initiated conversation with me about making the move earlier,” Ptacek explains.

This administrative change within the district was not on the agenda for Wednesday night’s Board meeting agenda. However, another item that was approved by the Board dealt with adopting a new science curriculum for grades 6 through 8.