Proposal to ban baby bumpers in Illinois passes House

By Ryne Turke on May 14 at 1:12pm

Image courtesy of ABC Newschannel 20.

Parents in West Central Illinois may soon be restricted from using bumper pads in their children’s cribs.

A bill, which has already cleared the House, would place a ban on the bumper pads in Illinois. Nancy Cowles, with Kids In Danger, says some parents don’t realize that the bumpers increase the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

“New parents aren’t doing the research because if they see it in the store they are going to assume it is safe,” says Cowles.

“We want that to be the right assumption and for them to know they can go into the store and what they buy there has been proven safe. That is not true of crib bumper pads.”

Not everyone is in agreement of banning bumper pads in the state though. Jerry Peck, with the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association says the U.S. Product Safety Commission looked at 48 deaths that were blamed on bumper pads.

“They said in those cases there were much greater risk factors than properly installed crib bumpers,” says Peck.

“Number one was children in the prone sleeping position as well as pillows and toys in the crib. In five of those cases the cribs actually collapsed and crushed the baby, yet we say that was a crib bumper issue.”

Some lawmakers argue that the ban on bumper pads would be counterproductive because parents would still be allowed to buy them online. Illinois retailers say that gives the online businesses an unfair advantage.

The senate committee gave the bill a-thumbs up yesterday.