Proposed bill would streamline access to medication

By Nick Kovatch on February 21 at 1:01pm

Health advocacy organizations are pushing for a better and easier way to get patients life-saving medications through new legislation.

Currently, insurance carriers have to give prior authorization to physician-prescribed medication before patients can obtain the drugs they need. This has meant hundreds of forms for doctors and nurses, which can cause long delays for patients seeking critical care. New legislation filed at the statehouse could streamline that process.

Our reporting partners at WICS ABC Newschannel 20 talked to Heather Eagleton, government relations director at the American Cancer Society.

“A lot of pain management drugs go through the prior authorization process, so it’s also a quality of life–the more comfortable the cancer patient can be, the better,” says Eagleton. “So if it were to pass, it would do a lot for cancer patients not only on the treatment side, but also on the quality of life and comfortability.”

This access to care bill is in its early stages, recently passing through the House, and advocates warn it still has a long way to go.