Rain and melting snow raises flooding concerns

By Nick Kovatch on January 10 at 1:19pm

With the snow starting to melt as the temperatures rise, flooding is starting to become a concern.

State climatologist Jim Angel tells our reporting partners at ABC Newschannel 20 there is about eight inches of snow on the ground right now. If it melts really fast in the next couple of days, on top of the rain we’re expecting, flooding could be seen in fields and on low-lying roads.

Another factor is blocked storm drains that leave the water no place to go.

Angel says some drains could still be iced up from the storm.

“Underneath all of this is still fairly warm,” Angel says. “It’s not frozen solid or not very deep. In fact, in many places, it’s probably not frozen at all. If we’re lucky and it melts slow enough, it could minimize the flooding, so it will actually soak in rather than run off.”

He says about 10 inches of snow averages about one inch of rain, but the ratio varies from snowfall to snowfall.