Reaction to Carter appearance

By Ryne Turke on October 15 at 7:20am

Students and faculty at Illinois College are sharing their thoughts on yesterday’s Phi Alpha Lecture Series presentation featuring former President Jimmy Carter.

Illinois College estimated an overall attendance between two and three thousand people at the event. Some people were actually turned away because the Bruner Recreation Center was at maximum capacity.

Adam Porter, professor of religion and a Dean of the Faculty, was one of the many people responsible for getting the event and program put together.

Porter said getting the opportunity to hear a president speak in person is a real privilege.

“It’s always a real treat to be in the presence of some of these really important political thinkers,” says Porter.

“Seeing Congressman Findley, President Carter and Mr. Al Habtoor is a real special event. President Carter talked about a lot of stuff people don’t know about Islam and he is trying to correct it.”

Ashley Ketcham, a senior at Illinois College, thought the presentation was amazing.

“I was very humbled to have him here,” says Ketcham.

“I have never seen a president speak and I thought he did a fantastic job. It is really exciting just to see him on stage. This is such a small college, so to have someone as big as him come here was a really great experience for our college.”

Ketcham noted there were a lot of topics covered at the event, but the discussion regarding Carter’s book “A Call To Action” is what stood out most to her.

“Talking about peace in the Middle East in his book when he talks about the women and the abuse and the mistreatment of women, I totally agree with that and that is a book I want to read,” says Ketcham.

“It is a huge issue that needs to be talked about, so I’m glad he brought that up in speaking with us.”

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