Reduction of bond denied for man alleged of criminal sexual abuse

By Blake Schnitker on December 20 at 9:04am

A South Jacksonville man arrested nine months ago for alleged sexual abuse and child solicitation had a motion to reduce his bond denied yesterday.

Forty-year old Joshua Bruns was arrested back in March for alleged criminal sexual abuse and indecent solicitation of a child.

Bruns appeared again in Morgan County Court yesterday, along with his defense attorney Jonathan Hurst. Bruns and Attorney Hurst were asking for a bond reduction from $20,000 with 10 percent to apply, or $2,000.

Though Assistant State’s Attorney Chad Turner is handling the case, State’s Attorney Gray Noll breaks down what occurred yesterday.

“Mr. Bruns’ attorney, Mr. Hurst, had his motion heard on a reduction of (Bruns’) bond. The defendant called a variety of witnesses and took the stand himself and gave testimony about why they felt the bond should be lowered from $20,000, which the defendant has to post ten percent of to ensure his release, down to $2,000, which the defendant would have to post ten percent of. After the judge heard testimony and arguments from both the defense counsel and Assistant State’s Attorney Chad Turner, the bond request was denied,” Noll explains.

The state alleges that Bruns knowingly fondled the breasts of the victim, who was under 18 and a member of Bruns’ family, and that he solicited the victim to touch him in a sexual manner.

Defense Attorney Hurst argued that due to Bruns’ lack of a criminal history, and certain medical concerns he suffers from, the bond should be reduced. However, Assistant State’s Attorney Chad Turner argued that the $20,000 bond was a reasonable amount, especially given the severity of the charges.

With the motion for bond reduction denied, a jury trial has been set for January 3rd.