Remodeling project to start next week at Passavant Hospital

By Blake Schnitker on August 10 at 7:13am

Local residents will notice some changes taking place to the exterior of Passavant Area Hospital in the coming weeks.

The local hospital is getting a make-over this month to make the space between the south parking lot and the main entrance more accessible and safer.

Lori Hartz of Passavant Area Hospital discusses what that area looks like right now and the changes that are being made to it.

“If you go to the hospital now, you’ll park along the south lot and you’ll walk down some pretty steep stairs down to the ground level where you enter the hospital doors. What we’re looking to do is to decrease that grade, so we’re going to level that out more. There will still be steps, there will be two pathways, one will be a ramp for handicap accessibility and the other will be graded stairs, so you’ll walk a certain distance and then you’ll take a couple of steps down and walk another distance until you get to the ground level,” says Hartz.

According to the hospital, the declines at both entrances will be more gradual from the parking lot than the current stairs.

Hartz explains the goal of the project, and provides a preliminary timeline for completion.

“The reason why we’re doing this project is to improve access for our visitors and our patients, making it easier to get into the front of the hospital and also to make it safer. We expect to finish this remodeling project by the end of October. I think we are expecting equipment to come in on Friday of this week, and so we’ll start construction on Monday, and I think it’s scheduled for about six weeks,” Hartz says.

Harts says this project serves multiple purposes.

“This is a project that has been considered to make the front of the hospital’s accessibility easier for people to navigate. A secondary benefit is it’s going to beautify the entrance. Of course Passavant is proud to be a part of this community and we want our buildings to reflect that price, so we want to keep everything up-to-date and easy to access for our patients and families,” Hartz explains.

Along with creating more gradual declines between the parking lot and entrance, the stairs and ramp will have a snow melting system, which will heat the surface, keeping it clear of ice and snow during colder months. Passavant also says that the main lobby and handicap accessible parking spaces will remain open during the construction process.