Republican candidate for governor Rauner visits Jacksonville

By Nick Kovatch on January 27 at 7:29am

Bruce Rauner, Republican candidate for governor, met with several people at Lincoln Gardens yesterday.

A Republican gubernatorial candidate made a stop in Jacksonville yesterday afternoon.

Businessman Bruce Rauner met with a group of more than two dozen people at Lincoln Gardens. He says his platform is to take on four priorities: increase jobs, lower taxes, improve schools and create term limits on Illinois legislators.

Rauner says the biggest priority is to bring more jobs.

“We can’t hostile to business and be pro-jobs,” says Rauner. “We’ve got to change that. We’ve got to get more jobs in Illinois. We’ve got to become pro-business. That means workers’ comp reform; tax reform; tort reform; unemployment insurance reform; labor regulation reform. We need to reduce the regulatory burden and reduce the tax burden so businesses are investing and thriving in Illinois, and we’re creating jobs for everybody who wants to work.”

The venture capitalist says if elected he would run Illinois more like a business – likening his approach to the way former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels turned around the Hoosier State.

“Make the government efficient, effective and transparent,” says Rauner. “The best governors in America have brought many business leaders in to be part of government who know operations, management, leadership and driving results. Too often government is about bureaucracy and running a process rather than trying to drive a real result. We’ve got to do that in Springfield.”

Rauner says government union bosses are controlling the state and create a major conflict of interest.

He says, as an outsider, he won’t be intimidated by them. And he says that’s what sets him apart from the other three Republican candidates for governor.

“I like my three Republican opponents,” says Rauner. “I’m not particularly fond of Quinn, but I like my three Republican opponents. The challenge is they’ve been in state government for decades. They’ve been part of the problem. They’ve voted for budgets that increased taxes and fees. They voted for budgets that have big debt and deficits and more spending. They voted for bad pension deals. They all take money from the government union bosses. They’re all in the pensions. The legislators’ pensions are all ridiculously expensive and unfairly generous and if they were leaders they would have put themselves in a 401k years ago.”

Rauner says if he’s elected he’ll live in the governor’s mansion and won’t accept pay or pension.

Rauner is going up against State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, State Senator Bill Brady and State Senator Kirk Dillard in the March Primary. The winner will try to unseat Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn in November.