Road Commssioner Races

By Gary Scott on April 5 at 9:53am

Voters in the four county area were asked to decide races in road districts and townships that don’t get the attention of the school board and city elections.

In Morgan County, Brandon Staake was elected commissioner for road district 4, and Terry Treece in road district 13. A closer race saw Tom Keegan defeat Randy Edwards in road district 11 by 13 votes.

Scott County saw five races for road district commissioner. Alvin Foster won in district 5, Lindal White in district 7, Charles Ratliff junior in district 1, Glen Jefferson in district 2, and Joshua Roach in district 4.

Carrollton in Greene County had one township trustee race. Four were elected from a group of five. Leo Grummel had the most votes with 600, followed by Mary Kay Varble, David Steinacher, and Joseph Lakin.

In Cass County, the races were for township highway commissioner. Donald Smith won the Ashland Township, Michael Haberman in the Bluff Springs Township, Gene Brunk in the Sangamon Valley township, and David Buck Fanning in the Virginia Township.