Rodney Davis announces his support for Highway Trust Fund bill

By Richard Holton on July 21 at 1:12pm

Rodney Davis addressed a group of small-businesspeople in Springfield this morning, and announced his support for what he called a temporary fix for the Highway Trust fund. The bill passed 367 to 55 in the house, and is currently waiting for Senate approval.

The fund is set to be depleted on August 1st, and if it depletes states across the country would need to put their current construction projects on hold, resulting in an estimated loss of over 7-hundred-thousand jobs. Rodney Davis thinks the current bill is flawed, but necessary.

“If the federal government wouldn’t have acted, you know what would’ve happened? Already existing projects that are already funded, the federal government promised their share. Those families would’ve been pulled off the job. Can you imagine the political hate Patt Quinn would have made with that?”

The bill will now go to the Senate for approval. Davis stresses that the fix is only temporary and must not be relied upon to solve the problems with the highway fund.

“The ball’s in the Senate’s court now. The President has already come out and said he agrees with our short-term fix. But that doesn’t negate the fact that we’ve got to come up with a long-term solution. And that long-term solution can’t simply be relying upon just the gas-tax that’s currently in place, because we have less revenue because people are burning less fuel.”

181 Republicans and 186 Democrats voted for the bill in order to avert crisis. Some conservative groups have advocated for letting the fund deplete itself, allowing responsibility for road and bridge maintenance fall to the states.