Roodhouse PD puts employees on leave

By Jim McCabe on June 18 at 12:48pm

Two employees at the Roodhouse Police Department have been put on paid administrative leave in connection to an investigation of drug crimes.

Roodhouse Police Chief Kyle Robinson issued a press release this morning that indicates the employees will be on leave while an investigation continues into two separate incidents.

A press release from the Greene County Sheriff’s Department yesterday stated that the investigation, with the full cooperation of both Roodhouse and White Hall police departments, is looking into the theft of prescription medication from a storage area at the White Hall station.

Officials say the case involves two dispatchers who were employed by both police departments.

During the course of that investigation, information developed, sparking another separate investigation involving a police officer of the Roodhouse Police Department allegedly involved in illegal drug transactions with a dispatcher at Roodhouse.

Robinson maintains that there’s no validity or evidence supporting that prescription medication is missing from the Roodhouse PD evidence storage room.

Robinson says when the Greene County Sheriff’s Office completes its investigation, the Roodhouse Police Department will conducts its own internal investigation and make the appropriate recommendation regarding the future status of employment with the individuals allegedly involved.

Robinson says the reports should reach the State’s Attorney’s Office by the end of the week.

White Hall Police Chief Jack Wallis was not available for comment this morning.