Roodhouse Police have apparent shooting suspect in custody

By Blake Schnitker on December 6 at 11:54am

One person is in custody after a reported shooting at a residence in Roodhouse.

WLDS/WEAI received reports of a shooting in Roodhouse shortly after 11 a.m., though not a lot of information has been made available as of this time. According to an off-duty officer with Roodhouse Police, the initial call from West Central Joint Dispatch came in at 9:31 a.m.

Roodhouse Police Sergeant A.J. McAdams provides a preliminary report of the apparent shooting incident.

“As of now, we have one male in custody. The school was put on lockdown, but that has since been lifted. The shooting was at a residence, and this incident is in no way school-affiliated. There is no active shooter. There is an injury, but there is no one that has been confirmed deceased at this time. The Roodhouse Police Department will continue their investigation accordingly.”

WLDS/WEAI News will provide any and all updates as the Roodhouse Police Department continues and, eventually, finalizes their investigation.