Salvation Army captains in Jax leaving

By Jim McCabe on March 28 at 8:37am

Terry and Cheryl Selvege.

There’s a big shakeup underway in two leadership positions at the Jacksonville Salvation Army.

Officials at the Midland Division of the organization in St. Louis, which oversees the Jacksonville branch, say that Captains Terry and Cheryl Selvege will leave their posts next month.

Major Phil Aho says the decision was made by his office in St. Louis, the Salvation Army headquarters in Chicago, and the Selveges.

“We and the Selveges have felt that the time has come that they need to separate from service as an officer, and of course, for them to remain in Jacksonville to give leadership to the Salvation Army… would not be possible if they are not officers, so they’re making plans at this point to leave,” says Aho.

“When that does take place, the headquarters here in St. Louis will be placing in on temporary assignment officers that will fulfill that leadership role.”

Aho couldn’t go into more details about why the Selveges are leaving. They were named to the captain position in Jacksonville in June of 2011.

He says there shouldn’t be an interruption in the meantime for individuals who rely or work at either of the two city Salvation Army facilities.

“Our intention is that we continue to provide the level of services that we have been giving in Jacksonville,” he says.

Aho says the transition from the Selveges to the interim leaders should be complete by the second week of April.

Multiple calls to the Selveges were not returned.