Schock discusses budget deal

By Nick Kovatch on December 14 at 1:03pm

Congressman Aaron Schock says it’s not perfect, but it’s a deal.

He’s referring to the bipartisan budget proposal that passed the U.S. House this week.

“There was a large gap between both sides in which direction they wanted to go, so the fact that we got reduction in spending, reach an agreement and eliminate waste that both sides could identify and agree on, I think, is a win for the American people,” says Schock.

The House voted to approve the measure Thursday by a margin of 332-94. The budget deal, which proposes to save $85 billion, keeps the government operating without interruption for the next two years.

Supporters say the measure does not raise taxes, lowers the deficit by more than $20 billion and raises spending above levels above strict sequester levels. Some conservative Republicans are disappointed the deal does not do more to reduce debt, while many Democrats are upset that the deal does not include an extension of long term unemployment benefits.

“I know it may sound counter-intuitive but we believe that allowing unemployment insurance to go back to 50 weeks, which is still nearly a year, gives people a safety net to be caught when they lose their job, but it also forces them to begin looking in earnest for a job before their 50 weeks runs out,” says Schock.

The Senate will take up the budget deal on Tuesday.