Schock wants Dems to keep promises about Affordable Care Act

By Nick Kovatch on November 13 at 12:58pm

What was an Illinois congressman doing in a body shop yesterday? Criticizing the Affordable Care Act.

U.S. Representative Aaron Schock appeared at a Springfield body shop, whose owner says premiums are going up about 150 percent, according to his insurance agent, just to maintain the coverage he provides, though he did not say whether he had shopped around or looked on the Obamacare exchange. Tony Kulavic says he pays 85 percent of the premium for his 10 employees.

Schock has a couple of rhetorical questions for those who would still defend what’s happening.

“How is affordable health care affordable if you can’t afford it?” Schock asks. “Since when in America is it the job of the federal government to tell its citizens what health insurance they should have for themselves?”

Schock says the House plans to pass a bill Friday called the “Keep Your Health Care Plan Act.”

“And this is basically making good on the President’s and many of my Democratic colleague’s in the House and Senate pledge that if you have health insurance that you like that you’re presently buying and that you’re health company is providing then HHS mandates will not apply and you can continue to buy that healthcare plan as it is presently,” says Schock.

That bill would also have to pass the Democratically-controlled Senate to take effect.