School Board Race Finals in Morgan, Scott, Cass and Greene counties

By Gary Scott on April 2 at 9:46pm

It was a very tight race for the Waverly school board yesterday.
There were 9 candidates for 7 seats in the Waverly school district. The top five vote getters were easy to spot…Ted Mies, Lonn Brown, Mike Keeton, Steven Ruholl, and James Brown. It was tight for the final two seats, won unofficially by Jason Shumaker and Nick Nelson.
The township range limits caused the third leading vote getter in the New Berlin school board race to miss out yesterday. Dawn Wilson had the third most votes for the full four year terms. But, Adam Jones, Stephanie Neuman and Wilson all came from township 15 N Range 7 W, and only two can be elected. And, Jones was the lone candidate running for the two year term. That means Neuman and Jones are in, and Wilson is out. Also elected were Chris Gordon, Bill Marr and Bridget Williams. Neuman had the most votes.
Four people were elected in the Franklin school district, where there could have been a limit on one township range. But, the top four vote getters made it in…Paul Bergschneider, Paul Turpin, Ryan Colwell, and Jennifer Colwell.
North Greene voters elected four school board members. David Hallock led the way with Casey Nell, Kevin Nichols and Casey Kallal also getting voted in.
The Winchester school board race came down to three candidates seeking one seat. Bill Jacquot easily outdistanced Celeste Lashmett and Dorinda Miller. Ron Coultas and Shanna Eddinger also were elected to the other two seats.
And, at Bluffs, voters chose April Coats, Ben Quade and Matthew Smith. Former Scott County sheriff Dewayne Hart did not win a seat on the board in this election.