Scott, Cass Counties now part of Judici

By Jim McCabe on April 27 at 1:09pm


Two counties in our news coverage area have been added to a statewide online legal information site.  is a centralized internet database that brings together public available data from different courts. Morgan County has been a part of it for about seven years; earlier this year, Scott County’s court system was added, and just last week, Cass County also joined.

Cass County Circuit Clerk Chere Kay Garner says the site is available for attorneys, judges and the public for things like criminal and civil cases.

“Users can search by case number, case name, they can view the charges in a case, the dispositions. Civil judgment, new case filings, court documents are available,” she says. “It is available at no charge, it’s a public service.”

Garner talks more about the benefits of having this service.

“Haven’t had anything like this in Cass County, so we’re glad to be able to make that available. We do a lot of record searches for people, they request them in writing from us, and when those people know that it’s on Judici, they then can look a lot of that up themselves,” Garner explains.

“Probation offices, all the attorneys have been very excited that they heard we were going on Judici. So, it’s going to cut down on that portion of things in our office as far as doing record searches and looking that up for the attorneys and whatever.”

Garner notes there are different subscriptions purchased by judges and attorneys that allow more information to be accessed.

Child support information is not available.

Greene County is not part of Judici.